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If you want to increase online sales quickly, then modifying your sales is the way to go. Now of course there are a lot of different formats and examples of sales funnels, we’ll define a sales funnel as any required step or action that a visitor must complete a conversion.

So if you had a simple squeeze page, then your sales funnel would simply be the AdWords or Facebook ad that’s the traffic to the squeeze page plus all of your required fields in the “Sign Up Box”, such as Name, Email, Phone, etc. If you have an online gym membership website, then your sales fannel may be: AdWords Ad, Landing Page, Sign Up / Registration Page, and Shopping Cart. But while the formats of the sales are different, the point is to remember that by changing the funnel, you can quickly increase online sales and boost profit clickfunnels pricing review.

Let’s look at a specific example of a lead generation sign up page that has the following required fields that a prospect must meet in a free mini-course:





Website URL

If all of these are required fields, then the total conversion rate for this page may be as low as 5% or less depending on the copywriting, web design, and other elements. If you eliminate the address and website URL requirements, you may be able to increase conversion rate to 7-8%. But if you remove the phone requirement as well, the exact same copy and page for the conversion rate increase may go as high as 10 or even 15%, just fewer required fields. Always remember that Internet marketing is a numbers game, meaning that you must have the online sales in increments directly because there were always many ways to do so. monetize conversions

The simple truth is that even if we concede that ½ of all the name / email prospects were successful in our true goal of generating a sale, a targeted email campaign could still be the same phone, address, and website URL information you want to begin with The difference is, in addition to having the exact same number of full qualified leads, you also have a database filled with other prospects. This “list” can be used internally for future promotions or used to generate affiliate revenue. The point is, the “list” still has great value and modifying your sales to start initial opt-ins will ultimately increase online sales, even if the road down further.

Now let’s look at a more conventional site with the following sales funnel:

AdWords or Facebook Ads

Landing Page

Pre-order / Pricing Page

Shopping Cart

So how do we increase online sales by this sales funnel? Well, the pre-order or pricing page is ultimately costing this website owner conversions because if the prospect is interested in the product or service, click on the link to get a pre-order page, then making it another hoop actually shopping is just losing visitors If possible, use a shopping cart platform like Infusionsoft that allows you to modify and add text to the shopping cart where you then put the Product description, Guarantee, and other offer details all in one page. This way, if the landing page is enticing prospects, you can make a purchase right then and there without clicking on another link. Just removing that unnecessary step by 20-30% when you run properly and that’s the profits your online business!

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