Casino Tokens and Chips

Casino chips are small discs that are used as currency in casinos. Casino chips are made of either colored metal, compression molded clay or injection molded plastic. Metal chips are used primarily in slot machines whilst clay or plastic chips are used in table games.

Casino chips can be acquired by exchanging money for them at the casino cage, at the tables, e.g. the roulette table or at the cashier station The casino chips usually have no value outside of the casino, although in Las Vegas some casinos may honor chips from other casinos, or some businesses – such as waiters or taxi’s, especially for tips, in the gambling towns, inform them informally Ufabet.

Casino chips were employed for many reasons, the main one’s being chips are more convenient to use than currency and theft and counterfeiting more difficult. Because of the size, regularity and coloring patterns of stacks of chips are they are easy to count in stacks. The main advantage of this is that it is easy for pit boss or security to verify. Moreover it is seen that customers are more freely with replacement currencies than cash.

Many casinos have stopped the use of metal chips (and coins) in their slot machines in favour of pre-pay cards or paper receipts. Though these methods are expensive to implement, With the coin mechanism removed from the slot / fruit machine

The hobby of collecting casino chips and gaming tokens is becoming increasingly popular, with a collectors club being formed in 1988. Some casino chips are worth up to $ 100,000 Many casinos sell custom-made sets of chips and one or two decks of cards stamped on them.

The gambling houses were legalized in Venice in 1626 real poker chips were used for over two hundred years. Back in the 19th century and before, poker players can not use any small valuable object imaginable. Early poker players sometimes used jagged gold pieces, gold nuggets, gold dust, or coins as well as “chips” primarily made of ivory, bone, wood, paper and a composition made from clay and shellac.

Each casino has its own unique set of chips; This is even if the casino is part of a big company This distinguishes the casinos chips from the others; This is the reason why every casino chip on the casino floor has been backed up with the appropriate amount of cash.

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